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I am O.I.Joshua.Full Stack Web Developer.I have learned to always press forward rather than thinking of my past failure,it is never a bad thing to fail but it will be worser if you remain were you failed, i keep pressing forward;i never allow my weakness to persist else it will dominate my innate ability,life is all about ups and down,the race is never for quiters neither do winners quite,but one thing i do,is to use my past to improve my future,making each day count,keeping my nose to the wind,i never can tell where i may encounter what an elephant left behind.


Here in G-jeotech , it is a place where ideas are converted into reality; for your web-site we are here to offer you the best you deserve, your satisfaction is our core value. Admission is ongoing in the following programming languages course like: HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL DATABASE. We develop the following web sites: School Web-site, Church Web-Site, Company Web-Site, Hospital Web-Site, Business Owners Web-Site,Blogs etc.

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    Nobility is not define by whom you are but what you do . Always be diligent in doing the right thing .

    2019-11-28 22:57:45

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    FG complies with international standards in deployment of ICT

    Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantami yesterday declared that the Federal Government has complied with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards in the deployment of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Nigeria. He stated this via Skype in Abuja on the sidelines of the World Telecommunication Information and Society Day Celebration (WTISD-20), marked on May 17 every year.At this year’s event with the theme: “Connect 2030: ICTs for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Abuja, the minister said government prioritised the deployment of ICTs in Nigeria to ensure safety, security and health of all Nigerians.“This is our own priority whenever we deployed ICTs. There are ITU standards when it comes to deployment of ICTs. We always ensure that Nigerians followed the standards and regulations and that will go a long way in reducing or eliminating any perceived negative impacts,” he stressed.

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    You are what you do,always find yourself doing those things that will defined you true potentials

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

    Quote Two

    Take responsibility of your life;and begin from where you are now!

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

    Quote Three

    Try new thing each day, soon it will eventually become a universal approach

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

    Quote Four

    Do the things you fear; challenges is never a wrong experience rather it brings out the humanity in you

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

    Quote Five

    You are not what you thinks you are until you made up your mind to begin to discovered the through potential of what you are born to accomplish. "because nobility is not defined by whom you are, but what you do

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

    Quote Six

    Possibility does not go with wishes,rather it works with willingness and action.Without action there will be no functions

    (Ifechuku.G Jeo)

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